Hispanic And Latin Magical Reborn Dolls Baby

Welcoming Spain with reborn babies with blue eyes and white skin is truly a sight to behold.
Our passionate, friendly team of experts are always up to date with the latest reborn dolls trends. Shop online or instore for the full range of the best dolls!  Products here are big dolls over the age of 6 years old, with attention to details of appearance as well as typical Spanish dress style, suitable as gifts.

In The Reborn House, you will find dolls and accessories for your Reborn, so that your reborn dolls looks like an actual baby. In order for every one of our dolls to be unique and to look like a real baby, we select dolls that are made with high-quality materials, such as silicone and vinyl. We also choose professional, experienced designers that work in detail.

Not only do we provide personalized assistance so you can find your dream Reborn doll, but also we offer secure payments and deliveries.

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Age 3-6+ Kaelyn Girl 20 inch

$77.94 $68.59

Package include:

  • 1xDoll with Clothes
  • 1xBottle
  • 1xNipple
  • 1xBirth Certification

Age 3-6+ Centola Girl 20 inch

$77.94 $68.59

Package include:

  • 1x Reborn Doll with clothes
  • 1 x Birth Certification  


Age 3-6+ Dana Girl 24 inch

$85.20 $74.98

Package Include:

  •   1x Baby Doll
  •   1x Clothes 
  •   1x Birth Certificate

Age 3-6+ Canary Girl 18 inch

$74.80 $65.82

Package include:

  • Doll with Dress
  • Shoes

Tollder baby Bella Girl 22 inch

$81.56 $71.77

Package Include:

  • Gift box with doll x 1
  • Doll clothes set x 1
  • Birth certification x 1