Delicate Doll Room

Reborn Doll House Decoration

Today we live in a world where every dream you have has a more than a 50% rate of becoming a reality. Do not get me wrong on this but what I mean is the advent of technology has made many things easy and stress-free. For example, if you create a product, service or idea and lack the finances to market your creation, just make use of social media and you’d be amazed at the result.

Delicate Doll Room

Another useful aspect of technology and creative thinking in most parts of the world is the advent of reborn baby dolls or cute babies. These cute angels have brought unlimited smiles and chills to many homes the world over. Notably to parents who can have a real baby, adopt one or parents whose children are away from home to pursue education. Reborns are just the ideal solution for such worries.

Lifelike Babies

Assuming you’ve adopted a reborn into your home, like a real baby they need some space to call their own (reborn house). This space or reborn dollhouse needs to be comfortable, well decorated, beautiful, elegant and of course befitting of your cute little angel.  Enclosed below are some of the attributes to consider in creating and decorating a house for reborn baby dolls.

Reborn Doll Bed


Reborns like real babies know nothing but beautifying where these cute babies lay their heads is of prime importance. Parents need their reborns or real babies to look and dress beautiful and why not leave and sleep in a beautifully colored and decorated dollhouse.


Toys are an integral part of the life of any baby and reborns aren’t an exception. These toys serve as a playmate to reborns and even though they can’t play with them, their presence in the reborns house is a must. Remember you don’t want to treat your reborns like a toy but a real baby. Therefore, these play instruments must at all times be available for your cute babies.


Every beautiful home in the world looks that way because of what you see on the outside (home exterior) as well as the beauty that is not everyone seen (the interior). If we can make our homes look this beautiful then our reborns shouldn’t be left behind. Be sure to get toy chairs, tables, beds, and other decorative elements to make the home of the reborns beautiful, unique, outstanding and habitable.


Ever since the dawn of time, man has always used flowers to beautify his environment. Flowers bring that natural feel to any home and of course, the homes of these cute little babies need to look beautiful. As such, flowers play an integral part to make your dollhouse look and act the part.

Baby Girl Doll Dress

How To Choose Clothes For Girl Reborn Doll

Clothes are as important to humans as they are to reborns. As such, it is worthy to note that choosing clothes for your cute little angels can be tricky sometimes especially for first time reborn parents. However, it is preferable that, before you go out in search of reborn clothes; remember to think of the following: safety, function, and convenience. Acquiring clothes with such characteristics for your reborns is key and of course, stress-free. With that in mind, enclosed below are some tips on how to choose clothes for a girl reborn doll.

Size Matters

Clothes for reborn baby dolls come in all shapes and sizes and as such picking the best fit for your cutie is of prime importance. Remember, real babies sometimes display distress signals if they aren’t comfortable with their clothes. However, although reborns can’t display such feeling remember they still need to be treated like one they do. So get clothes that fit your reborns and make them beautiful.

Follow Latest Fashion Trends but Stick to Your Budget

Baby Girl Doll Dress

Monitoring the latest fashion trends for reborns doll clothes can go a long way towards easily identifying the best and most appropriate clothes for your reborns. However, you should never be so excited to the extent that these trends blind you. With this, I mean getting clothes, which aren’t needed by the reborns at a given point in time or better still working out of your budget in order to get clothes you can’t afford.

Go For Easy Going Clothes

By easy-going clothes, we mean clothes that are easy to wear as well take off the reborns at the end of the day. In addition, acquired clothes should be easy to take care of (laundry and or pressing) should be a priority for reborn parents.

Always Go For Durability

Doll Clothes

Apart from looking good, the main purpose of wearing clothes is to shade our nakedness. With that in mind, there is no need for getting less durable clothes that won’t serve their purposes. Rather getting good and durable clothing for your reborns would save you the stress of getting new ones sooner than expected for your reborns.

Final note

Can you imagine yourself in clothes that make you feel very uncomfortable, this isn’t a feeling that should be wished on anyone, not even your reborn baby doll. As a result, always go for clothes that fit and feel comfortable with cute babies. With this, you’d be amazed at how beautiful simple clothing can transform the way you cute babies look.

How to make a reborn baby doll

A reborn doll is a manufactured doll that has been transformed by an artist to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible. The process of reborning involves numerous time-consuming steps. The most basic form of the process involves taking a vinyl doll, adding multiple hands painted layers of paint and adding other physical features to the doll. In this article, we will help you visualize a complete way to create a reborn doll

Step 1: Supplies

How to make a reborn baby doll

  • Starter kits are equipped with basic necessities such as limbs, faces, heads, paint brushes, eyelashes, weighting pellets, ‘heat set’ or air dry paints, cloth bodies, cable ties, nose, drill bit, fake tears, thinning shears, cosmetic foam wedges, cotton-tipped applicators, and glue. You can buy them by kit or individually depending on your item. A doll making kit should cost around $150 and will contain almost everything needed for your first project.
  • Next, you need to buy a rooting tool for mohair your reborn doll
  • The third thing you need to purchase is paint supplies including paints and paint brushes, perhaps sea sponges or berry makers.
  • Don’t forget to buy clothes for them

Step 2: Creating the doll

  • How to make a reborn baby doll Getting your doll kit clean and ready for painting: In this segment, you need to wash all the doll parts and let dry thoroughly. Reminding to find a dish detergent that works well to remove oils and to clean your doll. You can search online to find out what reborn artists recommend when it comes to selecting the best dish detergent to use.
  • Paint veins on anywhere you think it ‘s reasonable: Typical areas to find veining would be on the backs of the hands and the bottom of the feet. Look at photos of babies to get a good idea of where to place the veins. Use a very thin paint, almost like watercolor, to paint the veins. Light layers of paint are what is needed to paint a reborn doll.
  • Bake the doll parts that have had veins applied: You should leave the oven’s temperature between 260 to 265 °F (127 to 129 °C) for 8 minutes to set the paint.
  • Take them out and let them cool.
  • Paint 2 times a thin wash of flesh tone colored paint in a bouncing motion using a mop brush or sponge to the doll parts.
  • How to make a reborn baby doll
  • Apply a thin wash of blushing to create a newborn blotchy look. Typical places to blush would include the bottoms of the feet (use a “U” motion to paint around the outer edges of the sole); in baby creases (do this delicately) and across the bridge of the nose and cheeks. Use a sea sponge or mop brush to pounce the paint. Bake to set paint using previous directions. You can also apply a thin wash of blushing to create a newborn blotchy look.
  • Paint facial parts using the necessary tools. Specifically: Apply one layer of paint to the nails and several layers to the lips, Paint the eyelids with fine veining using a script liner brush, paint the eyebrows using a script liner brush and a delicate hand, Apply the nail tips using a liner brush or toothpick
  • Cut the mohair into manageable lengths, around 3 inches (7.6 cm). then you insert the hair into the scalp using the rooting tool and felt needles.
    • How to make a reborn baby doll
    • Add a good dollop of glue to the inside of the head cavity in the scalp area. Use a hemostat or other long gripping tool and a sponge to smear the glue around. Let dry. You follow such steps to root the eyelashes.


    • Styling hair for your doll
    • Follow the kit directions or directions given for the purchased doll parts. In general, line the body cavities with cut off pantyhose and fill
    • with beads or other fillers to weight the body and head. Secure the nylons and place in appropriate doll cavities.
    • The process of assembling dolls is done, and you need to choose and wear them a suitable set of clothes.
    • How to make a reborn baby doll
    • Above are the steps to make a reborn doll. Wish you success with our suggestion.


Baby Doll and Child

Why Every Child Need Reborn Dolls

Unlike most dolls, a reborn doll is a doll created and transformed by a doll artist to look like babies. They use a wide variety of names, including reborn dolls, realistic dolls, newborn silicone dolls and reborn baby dolls. Unlike a mother who gets pregnant and reaches birth 9 months later, a reborn doll loses all this hassle as it is made by doll artists through a process known as rebirth. However, it is worth noting that doll artists are known as reborn.

Baby Doll and Child

Considering that dolls are arguably one of the most important elements in the hearts of all girls, playing and spending time with a reborn doll in childhood plays an important role in the progress of improving their social skills (say the researchers). So if you have found that your daughter is armable, likes to play and have fun with her dolls, it should be enough for you to surprise her with a gift from a reborn doll.

As the concept of dolls is mostly attributed to girls, you will be shocked to learn that boys can also find some comfort in owning a live doll. Like girls, some boys like to play with reborn dolls and will be surprised at how beneficial during a child’s childhood. Below are some of the reasons why every child needs a reborn doll.

Children’s Advanced Development Skills

A child’s developmental skills are triggered by the child’s ability to play with live dolls, as known. That is, the more your child plays and interacts with a live doll, he will know more and understand the dolls better. By understanding the dolls, the child begins to create a warm and sociable relationship with them. While this may seem a mystery to some, buying a reborn doll for your child will greatly help increase a child’s tolerance, become creative in thinking and emotional intelligence.

Getting ready for the arrival of a new baby

If you are pregnant and likely to have a child soon, giving your daughter a reborn doll can do wonders. With this gift, you have given your daughter the opportunity to know what the newborn really looks like. As such, your daughter learns, prepares and will be well known for disposing, caring for and treating a real baby. Spending time with a realistic doll can be helpful in teaching your daughter how to care for a real baby with love and care.

Improve a child’s intelligence

Playing and spending time with a live doll is always a welcome addition to a child’s life. Since dolls are similar to babies, they must have all parts of a real baby. As a result, the child does not need a real school environment as he grows up in other people to know the parts of a child. Also, as the child spends more time with the doll, she often talks to her more often, even though the doll never responds. With this, the child learns to learn certain aspects of the human being.

Source of happiness and joy

The increase in demand for reborn dolls is greatly attributed to their real nature and is able to bring happiness and put smiles on children’s faces. For most children, playing with these reborn dolls and holding them in their arms is a source of happiness and is one of the reasons why parents should never miss the opportunity to present their children with a reborn doll.

All About Reborn Dolls Baby Of Our Store

Small copies of living children

All About Reborn Dolls Baby Of Our Store - 6c6fe00455c80a7b248950f90deebb97 7“Live” reborn dolls became a revolution in the puppet world and won the hearts of not only small, but also adult girls. Created in the image and likeness of babies, they surprise, delight, inspire and give boundless joy to their “mothers.” Why are there more and more people wishing to buy reborn dolls? The reason for the popularity of these toys is simple – they embody the dream of an ideal child – the most dear and desired.

Why is reborn the best gift for every girl?

All About Reborn Dolls Baby Of Our Store - 6c6fe00455c80a7b248950f90deebb97 6

  • These are the most realistic dolls that have ever been created for mass sale.
  • A new generation of dolls after Barbie and Baby Bon is a cherished dream of girls of any age.
  • This is the best gift for the new year, birthday, March 8, graduation – for any reason and without.
  • You can pass exclusive dolls to your children, from generation to generation, establishing a good family tradition.
  • This is a great gift for children who are asked to “buy” a brother or sister – you need to play with them as carefully as you do with the living ones.
  • Girls love to collect rebors and create real nurseries with kids at home.
  • For dolls, a “dowry” is offered – clothes, accessories (diapers, nipples, bottles), strollers, cribs – all like real kids.
  • This is a prestigious toy that eloquently hints at the status of a gift. If you are looking for something that can really make any girl happy, reborn is exactly what you need!

Dreams should come true

We are sure that your daughter, granddaughter, niece, goddaughter, sister, girlfriend – and anyone else – believes in miracles. Therefore, we create unique dolls that help to realize a dream – a dream of someone small and dear.

We offer to buy a reborn doll in and give it to those who are really dear to you. Such a gift is simply not forgotten, does not gather dust on a shelf and does not hide in a closet. This is a present with meaning, with love, with the desire to present a dream. Ideal choice for:

  • Girls from 4 to 12 years old who dream of a real “live” doll.
  • Adult girls and women who have already taken place as mothers or are just planning.
  • Collectors and connoisseurs of exclusive handicrafts.

Reborn dolls  by are small masterpieces that you can play, which you can collect, which you can just watch and admire.

How to reborn?

100% original and at the same time inexpensive reborn dolls can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer, that is, with us – brand specializes in the manufacture and sale of realistic “babies” and offers the best conditions for purchase:

  • Quality assurance. All dolls have certification and are absolutely safe for children’s health. We use first-class hypoallergenic materials.
  • A wide range of. Only in our catalog you will find truly unique dolls that are not found in any other store in the country. Each with its own individual character.
  • Beautiful packaging. Each of our reborn receives a birth certificate and a set with a dowry – nipples, diapers, coloring books.
  • Producer price. You can buy original reborn dolls from us inexpensively, since we produce them ourselves, which means we offer an honest price without intermediaries and markups.
  • High level of service. You can always come to the show room, see, touch, hold in our hands “our babies”.

To buy a reborn doll means to give not just another toy. It means giving a dream.

Tollder baby Leon Boy 10 inch

Reborn dolls: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

You probably already know what reborn dolls are and what is their difference from all other dolls. Perhaps even you are already in the process of choosing your future reborn baby. All the more strongly, we advise you to read this article in order to choose a reborn doll, which you would not have to regret about buying later.

A brief reference for those who do not know.

The term “Reborn” in translation means “reborn” or “reborn”. Reborn dolls got this name for their maximum resemblance to living children. The creation of the first reborn is attributed to the Spanish Berenger family in the mid-50s of the last century, and factory manufacturing began only in 1993 in the USA. Today, both factory and manual manufacture of reborn dolls has turned into an entire industry.

But I must say that this industry is growing and developing, solely thanks to the Internet. You yourself have probably already noticed that in ordinary doll shops reborn can not be found. They are refused to be put on the shelves because they look too much like living children. You can find and buy a reborn doll only on the Internet today.

What is the peculiarity of these reborn dolls?

P1.1 1Ribs, for the most part, are made manually. This applies not only to author’s dolls, but also to factory ones. The fact is that the main production process, painting the dolls (when lips, folds, eyebrows, nails, etc. are drawn), is difficult to automate. Therefore, even in factories, they are signed by hand, and that is why they are relatively expensive

So, factory reborn dolls are completely silicone (or silicone-vinyl) and soft-squared, differing from full-silicone only in that they have a rag body stuffed with a soft filler (usually syntepuha). Soft-stuffed can not be bathed, because filler when immersed in water will immediately become worthless.

Also reborn are sleeping (with eyes closed) and not sleeping. The first eyes do not open, they are always closed. In general, reborn dolls do not have any functions, like the ability to feed, urinate, voice effects, etc. Nevertheless, children really like to play with them, thanks to the realism of these dolls. By the way, realism is achieved not only due to their appearance, but also due to their height and weight, as similar as possible to the height and weight of live babies.

However, as they say …

..Not all reborn dolls are equally “useful”! ..

In large quantities, cheap reboes manufactured in clandestine Chinese factories are now on the market. Yes, yes, do not be surprised! Underground workshops in China “cook up” almost everything, even reborn dolls! And it is from such underground workers that you are so afraid of acquiring something (and quite deservedly).

Many online stores offer just such low-quality reborn dolls, believing that the cheaper the product, the better. But clandestine factories, as a rule, produce them from cheap, unhealthy materials! If you choose reborn as a gift to your child, keep this in mind! Would you like your child to make contact with a toxic toy? But children can play with reborn dolls for days on end.

How to distinguish a “harmful” reborn doll from a “useful” one?

When choosing a rebate in an online store, this is not so easy. In the photo they all look almost the same. But bad stores selling low-quality goods can be identified by several indirect signs.

The first thing that should alert you is the price. If it is significantly lower than that of others, then this is a low-grade product from the underground.

Secondly, this, of course, is the availability of a certificate. If a scanned copy of the certificate for the goods sold is not provided on the store’s website, you can safely close this website. Just pay attention to the fact that if a certificate is available, it should be possible to increase it in order to read which product and organization it was issued for.

Our dolls have passed mandatory certification in USA, and you can see the corresponding certificate here.

So, now you know how to distinguish a good online store from a bad one and how to choose an inexpensive, but high-quality factory reborn doll so that it brings your child only joy and no harm to health!

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child

In our family replenishment! She became a grandmother at 32! The whole truth about the “living” reborn dolls. Should I buy a reborn doll for a child? What could be the consequences of their acquisition and why not take them seriously? Photo of our baby.

Toward the age of 4, I began to notice that my daughter began to take toys more carefully, began to look after them, feed them, and roll them in a stroller. To my question, so that she would like to receive for the upcoming Birthday she did not hesitate to say that she would like a little crib that can be taken care of.

I began to look for dolls on the Internet and came across reborn, which, like two drops of water, looked like living babies. I wanted to buy my daughter not just a doll, but a very realistic doll that really would look like a little doll.

By chance, I found a great option at an affordable cost. The baby was delivered to me from Europe intact.

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child - 78916073 586950758791964 9218366943961022464 n

I was shocked how much she looked like a real child.

Now I understand perfectly the feelings that owners of larger dolls experience, which are even more like living children.

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child - 80022481 529119324338326 4821180581662425088 n

Our baby has a sprout of only 25 cm (10 inches). I specifically looked for a small doll, so that it was comparable to the growth of my daughter, because she wanted the doll to be her baby.

The baby’s body is made of soft and very pleasant vinyl to the touch, very detailed, the gender of the doll is clearly distinguishable. A girl has appeared in our family!

It must be said that dolls-boys have external genitals that are fully consistent with real ones, everything is worked out to the smallest detail. That is why I was looking for a girl.

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child - 79123133 452157135354457 3947491354988249088 n

The color of the vinyl is fully consistent with the skin tone of a real child, the cheeks are slightly pinkish, there are pronounced folds on the arms and legs, the fingers are all clearly distinguishable, they have nails.

Our baby is sleeping, he is still too small. His eyes are closed, on the upper eyelid there are cilia. A neat little nose and lips are very realistic, it seems that the baby is about to wake up and begin to walk.

The baby’s ears are tiny, pressed to the head, with her you constantly think about how to talk more quietly so as not to wake him up.

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child - 79761057 813748382403351 4867288696262492160 nFor my children, the appearance of the baby in the house was an excellent reason to behave a little quieter so as not to wake the newborn.

Most reborn hairs are made from various materials. Our baby has hairs on her head, she is a budget representative of reborn.

Image result for reborn baby dolls  hair care

More expensive representatives have not only even more detailed parts of the body (individual fingers, lively facial expressions, open almost lively eyes), but also hair from natural hair. The cost of such dolls, however, reaches tens of thousands of rubles.

I would like to note that despite the fact that the same mold is used to make several dolls (a mold for casting body parts), each of them is individual, since painting is done manually later on and it is simply impossible to draw the same facial features several times.

The body of reborn is either soft or vinyl. Fully vinyl dolls are more expensive, look more realistic than soft-dolls. In general, the process of creating rebors, although fascinating, is very time-consuming and lengthy, each part of the doll is cast separately, painted, the head is manually stitched with hair, the author puts a part of his soul into each doll.

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child - 78276702 2150783338357882 5822531530752262144 n

You can buy a rebrand from a master of designer dolls, that is, “adopt” directly from your mother, or from your hands, from those who treat dolls of this kind calmly and sell, having played enough, without feeling remorse that they are selling to then “your child.”

Now a lot of stores began to appear that sell rebates and accessories for them. There, for the most part, dolls are no longer author’s, but of stream production, but, despite this, dolls cast from the same mold are still different from each other. But their price has become available to a wide range of people. This is the kind of doll we acquired. Since I bought my daughter’s doll, I didn’t pursue uniqueness and individuality; I needed the simplest doll, most similar to a baby.

Daughter, having received a reborn doll as a present for her four-year anniversary, squealed with delight! I didn’t even think that the appearance of her “own child” would cause so many emotions!

Reborn Baby Dolls For Child - 79033557 2430185560576129 169982294335946752 n

At first, the child did not part with the doll for even a second: she laid next to bed, took to the dining table, bathe in the bath, for a walk and even in the kindergarten. However, our baby didn’t go to the street and kindergarten (the lack of vaccinations in the “child” became a powerful argument). Gradually, the passions subsided and now the daughter plays with the doll, although not daily, but quite thoughtfully: she prepares her for food, swaddles her, rolls around the apartment in the stroller, sings songs, puts him to bed. Even the son periodically tries to play with the doll, calling it “Lala”, although he himself did not go far from Lali.

For a child, especially for girls, playing with dolls is very important; they contribute to the development of not only maternal instinct, but also the skills of caring for the weaker and helpless.

Our baby, perhaps, has only one drawback – she is too small, and it is very difficult to sew clothes on her. And I really want her wardrobe to have a lot of different slip-ons and bodysuits! For such babies, even Aliexpress does not offer a large selection of clothes, and ordering items from a professional seamstress is too expensive.

I definitely will not recommend reborn as substitutes for children. This is wrong, not natural and, in my opinion, just wild, especially after you read how people sometimes begin to perceive them.

As an interior doll, perhaps, but I would not. I can say for sure that I would be scared every time I went into the room and saw a child sitting motionless in a chair, looking at me with his glass eyes asking a dumb question: “why do I have a soul, and I can’t live the same life as your children ? ”

To buy a reborn for games for a child in my opinion is the most suitable option, however, it is worthwhile to understand that the cost of such a “live” doll is quite high, and children are not always accurate. Are you ready to spend several thousand rubles to later see the doll painted, crippled, damaged? Such dolls are suitable for games by older girls, 7-10 years old, but for how long?

Ideally, such dolls are suitable for craftswomen who sew or custom-knit children’s things. That’s where you can show your products in full glory.

I do not regret buying a reborn in any way, and maybe when my daughter grows up I will buy her a bigger doll with a hair and a bigger one if I see that she is careful about toys. It is painfully amusing and unusual. But still you need to remember that this is just a doll, although it is extremely similar to a real child.

Black Reborn Baby Dolls

Black Reborn Baby Dolls and African American reborn dolls are both incredibly popular choices among reborn baby collectors, women, and girls. Many collectors of reborn babies want to enrich their reborn doll nurseries, and there’s a large African American community of reborn doll fans—and thus, there’s a large market for black reborn baby dolls.

Why Choose an African American Reborn Baby Doll?

While all reborn babies are unique creations borne from the love and passion of the reborn artist, African American reborn babies are often popular not only with African American doll collectors, but with reborn baby fans who want to expand their reborn baby nurseries to include dolls from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Unfortunately, there are still many dolls and collectibles available for purchase that do not include or address the diverse world in which we live. In fact, many African Americans did not grow up with dolls that looked like them, and instead could only purchase and play with “white” dolls or toys such as the unrealistic Barbie Doll. Black reborn baby dolls are thus a great gift for young black girls who want a doll that reflects their own culture and heritage, and are also popular with African American women who are creating reborn doll nurseries and collections and want the option of purchasing black reborn dolls.

Toddler baby Chad Boy 10 inchThe History of Black Reborn Babies

Reborn baby dolls were first introduced to the United States in the early 90s, and soon thereafter began being bought and sold in Britain. After the documentary My Fake Baby aired on television, their popularity only increased—despite the somewhat negative light the documentary portrayed reborn collectors in. Although the documentary treated the woman who had a reborn baby doll as someone slightly unhinged, reborn dolls still fascinated some and spoke deeply to others, and in general, many other women wanted reborn baby dolls of their own.

As reborn babies grew in popularity, so did the market and demand for non-white reborn babies. Because of the differences in skin tone, eyes, hair, and the like between different races, reborn baby artists and mothers didn’t like the idea of just “tweaking” a white reborn baby into an African American doll. Instead, reborn artists began to specialize in creating 100% handmade and “from scratch” black reborn babies – starting with different molds and with different paint for their reborn dolls, thus being able to completely control and create a black reborn baby doll that more accurately portrayed and resembled living black newborns.

As with all reborn babies, black reborn babies are made to look as realistic as possible. Not only do reborners use many layers of paint to accurately replicate a darker skin tone, they add veins, birthmarks, and even nails to the dolls, plus eyelashes and mohair as well. The process of adding this hair to a reborn doll is a time-intensive processed known as micro-rooting. Micro-rooting involves adding hair and eyelashes strand by strand, and the process—especially for babies with lots of hair—can take up to 40 hours itself.

One of the aspects that makes African American reborn baby dolls unique is that not only are they made to look like real babies, the dolls are weighted and created to feel like real babies as well. The reborn doll heads are heavy, to simulate and encourage those who hold the dolls to support the doll’s head, just as you would a living child. For those who want an even more authentic experience, some reborn doll artists will even add electronic devices inside the doll to replicate a heartbeat, make the chest rise and fall, or allow the arms and legs to move.

You can even request that your black reborn baby doll comes with an umbilical cord, baby fat, or voice box. The voice boxes can imitate gurgling and cooing, bringing joy and the feeling of a living baby to your reborn doll. Even heat packs can be added underneath the vinyl of the doll to simulate the warmth of a newborn’s body heat.

All this can be done to create an incredibly lifelike reborn baby. Why might you want all these features? Well, reborn babies are not only quite popular among girls who want an incredibly realistic doll, but reborn babies are also popular with women who have either lost infants, or ones who have seen their children grow up and leave the house, and want to enjoy the presence (but perhaps not the responsibility) of a newborn or toddler again.

African American reborn dolls are only one of many options for those looking for a beautiful and one-of-a-kind reborn baby, but regardless of your own race and skin tone, a black reborn baby is a wonderful addition to your reborn baby doll collection or reborn nursery. You—by all means—don’t need to purchase only black reborn babies, but consider the wide array of options and adorable personalities within this—and all—sub-categories of reborn dolls. And while—especially if you are on a budget—you don’t need to spend the money to request a custom African American reborn doll, you can still choose from an incredible selection of premade dolls, each one – if purchased from a reputable online marketplace – is guaranteed to be 100% handmade and crafted with love by an expert reborn baby doll artist.

You can choose your own African baby here

How To Care For A Reborn Doll Baby

A reborn doll isn’t just any baby doll, it’s a work of art. A reborn artist spent countless hours adding layers of paint, rooting hairs, and finishing to make it your perfect doll baby. As a work of art, your reborn should be handled with the utmost of care.

How to Care for a Reborn Doll

Preventative Care

  • First and foremost, be gentle with your reborn, much like you would treat an actual infant.Being too rough with reborns can result in limbs or hair detaching and can permanently damage the doll.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. A reborn is typically made from vinyl, which is susceptible to age and fatigue when exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun or an excessively high heat. The sun can cause the vinyl to become discolored or to break down. Other heat sources, such as a kitchen stove or a hot car, can cause the vinyl to warp and deteriorate. Finding them a spot in the house that is removed from excessive heat sources and direct sunlight will prolong the life of your reborn doll.
  • Avoid objects that can stain your doll. When dressing your doll in new clothes, be sure to pre-wash them to avoid colors and dyes from transferring onto your doll’s vinyl parts. Highly pigmented items can stain the vinyl, so be sure to test certain materials and fabrics before dressing the doll. Rubbing a fabric on a sample piece of vinyl will determine if the colors will bleed.
  • Keep out of reach of pets and children. Nothing can ruin a reborn doll quicker than having Fido playing fetch with it. Unsupervised children can also be too rough with reborn dolls, so make sure that an adult is present to instruct them about the proper care and handling of the doll.
  • Keep magnetic parts away from individuals with hearing aids, pacemakers, or metal implants. These magnets can interfere with their electronic devices. You will also want to avoid getting the magnets near cell phones, tablets, computers, and hard drives to avoid damage. Some reborn dolls come with magnets already inserted into the head, so check with the artist or manufacturer to see if these magnets will be an issue.

Care Tips

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These dolls are collectibles and cannot be cleaned like toys. If you need to remove dirt or residue, we recommend a slightly damp washcloth. Never scrub the doll as this will damage the paint and coloring of your reborn doll. Never get the cloth body wet, but instead use a damp cloth to wipe away stains. Always towel blot to dry and try not to get the stuffing wet to prevent mold and mildew issues.

If a reborn doll becomes extremely dirty, consider sending the doll back to the original artist or finding a reborn artist to work on the doll. They will be able to give the baby doll a proper cleaning and possibly replace the body and stuffing as needed.

Reborn Hair Styling Tips And Tricks

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Wig hair should only be brushed with a soft bristle brush, as harder brushes can cause the baby’s hair to detach or can damage the painted details on your reborn baby. Brushing with a soft bristle brush will also help to remove dust and particles that may settle on the baby’s hair.

Mohair should never be washed or brushed because it will felt and become matted in cold water. Simply pat the hair down with your fingertips to keep the stray hairs in place.

Hair is extremely fragile when wet and it is not recommended to wash your baby’s hair. A slightly damp cloth can help to remove dust and dirt from the baby’s head.

Tip: dry shampoo can take the sheen off of blond synthetic hair to make it appear more lifelike.


Reborn dolls require some maintenance to prolong the life of your baby doll. Dusting, and avoiding environmental dangers can help to make sure that your baby doll always looks brand-new.

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How to prepare for your first reborn doll?

Most people who buy reborn dolls want to role-play with them from the first day, but preparing for your first reborn is never an easy task. The following article will tell you: how to prepare for your first reborn doll?


  • Determine the size of the doll


This is the first thing you have to do when you want to buy reborn dolls. Determining the exact size of the doll you want will make it easier to prepare items for it.


  • Diapers


All reborn dolls should have diapers. Determining the exact size of the doll will help you a lot. When buying a pack, make sure to check their size. Diapers vary in size so you will have to buy just the right item.


  • Bottles


Bottles are a common part of reborn accessories. You can either buy a traditional baby bottle or some other types of bottles. Make sure to get suckers as well. Be sure to get sucked as well. We recommend mommies and daddies be careful when using non-traditional bottles because they are easy to fall, which is something you don’t want to happen. Bottles can be filled with a fake child recipe that can be stored in a special container.


  • Magnetic pacifiers


Lots of dolls are sold together with pacifiers. This is perhaps the most common accessory which can be great whether you’re playing at home or perhaps want to take your baby outside. Most dolls have magnets in their mouth which are ideal for a magnetic pacifier.

There are many videos on YouTube on how to make a pacifier for your doll. If your doll does not have a magnet, no worries! You can make a putty pacifier for them.


  • Combs and brushes


Brushing your baby’s hair is one of the things she always wants to do. You can use a comb to comb your baby’s hair if it is a wig. If the doll’s hair is painted by hand, don’t worry, you can do it with a brush


  • Cleaning tools


Everyone needs to bathe regularly, and so do your reborn dolls. You might wanna buy some soap, cotton swabs and other minor items that will help you have more fun with your baby doll.


  • Toys


Toys are indispensable for any baby. You can use them to play with your baby or you can put them in a stroller when you take your baby out.


  • Clothes


Prepare a few clothes for your doll. To do this, determine the right size of the doll. And so you have some clothes to change when one is dirty


The above are some of our suggestions for things to prepare for your first reborn doll. Hopefully, they will help you prepare better for your doll. Are you ready? There we go! Wish you have a lot of good memories with your reborn dolls!